What is Professional French ?

Professional French: what does it mean?

A professional French course is different from a classic French language course. Professional French language courses are based on the use of the language in your professional environment.20054264_xxl

Two different categories of courses can be offered :

  1. Global French professional courses for your speciality -> this course will help to build linguistic skills to be efficient in French in a professional area (medicine, law, IT communications, engineering, etc.).

Intensive courses to prepare a diploma of professional French can also be offered. These diplomas officially recognize professional skills in French language.

  1. French on specific purpose -> this course will help any staff member to be efficient in French in a specific need: a business mission to a French speaking country, negotiation or communication with a French client, creation of a new branch, etc. This kind of course is custom-made.

The French teacher will need to communicate with you to analyse the specific linguistic needs of your employees and to collect authentic documents in French that your employees may have to use at work.

An asset for your company and your employees

  • To improve your skills on French-speaking countries market
  • To be aware of your needs in linguistic trainings.
  • To strengthen the technical skills of your employees
  • To have your employees’ skills recognized by official diplomas

Call for professionals!

You can consult the map of French language courses centres that will help you to analyse your specific need and build the courses on measure for you.

You can consult here the map of the new courses offers.